Jolly Cottage Christmas Card Kit

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A Christmas Card That's a Gift Too!

Open the card by sliding the strap that's held in place by the buckle. Take out the pre cut wood pieces, follow the diagram of which slot to place the figures then place the figures onto the base and they stay in place by friction fit. They can also be glued into the base, but if you want to store your nativity back into the card from year to year don't glue them in.

The card measures 5-3/8 x 7-3/4-inches. In the kit you will receive the pre cut red front/back covers, the black strap that holds the card closed and the pre cut white buckle and "fur". You will also receive the wood cut outs of the cottage, trees, etc. that fit like a puzzle inside the card once constructed.

All you will need is a scoreboard or a way to score the card cover, a little glue to adhere the wood background to the back cover and a few strips of double sided tape or glue to adhere the cover to the back, adhere the strap to the back and adhere the the Santa suit pieces to the front.

Happy Holiday's Y'all

by The Gentleman Crafter


Image of Jolly Cottage Christmas Card Kit