Narrow Desk Organizer Kit


Image of Narrow Desk Organizer Kit

Please note that the kit shown does not come with any of the hardware shown, I just placed them on for inspirational purposes. You can easily find knobs inexpensively on Amazon or in the wood/knob department in your craft store.

I personally love this on my studio work top. It's so handy! Most organizers take up a huge chunk of your work space. This one is long and narrow, yet I'm able to store so many things in it.

The 5 boxes all sit individually on a 19-1/2 long x 3-5/8-inch tray. Each box is self hinging. Each of the 5 boxes are: Large- 3-1/4 x 4-1/4 inches Small-2-5/8 x 3-1/4-inches. The larger tool holder is 2-7/8 x 3-1/4 and 5-1/4-inches tall.

I decorated mine with a bit of leftover paint and drilled holes int he top for a variety of leftover knobs I had. You really don't need knobs to open the boxes, just flip them open. Made from Birch ply which means it's awesome to just leave it as is, painting, inking or covering with a really nice scrapbook paper. Make it yours!

Kit Includes:
All easy to assemble precut wood pieces
(1) Small bottle of Glossy Accents which makes terrific wood glue.
(1) Tutorial that will be emailed to you when your order ships.

The only thing that would be helpful to have around is some masking tape or painter's tape to act as a third hand as your glue sets.

by The Gentleman Crafter